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Welcome to Free Range Glamping


I hope you have a great time in this special place.


Here’s some notes to help you enjoy your holiday



Sitting round the campfire, or wood burning stove can be a deeply satisfying thing.  

Please remember that all alcohol based hand sanitisers are highly flammable.  Don't light a fire straight after sanitising your hands, and ensure sanitiser is well away from any fire, hob, candle or other flame.


Both the fire-pits and stoves are lit in similar ways.  Firstly place one of the waxy pellet fire lighters in the centre and build a small pyramid of tinder (smaller sticks) over the top.  Light with the lighter or match.  Always keep lighters and matches in the tin provided and well away from anything that could burn.


Woodburning Stoves


Close the fire door and open the vents at the top and bottom of the door to let air into the fire.


Add larger pieces to blaze as it gets going.


When fire is alight add more larger pieces and close the bottom vent to control the intensity of the blaze.  Use the fire glove or another log, as the metal will be hot.


When leaving the burner - If you close both vents completely the fire will eventually go out, 

Leave slightly open and the fire will burn slowly, 


When you get back into the hut/yurt or wake up open the vents and place more wood in the fire and things will warm up. 


Never hang anything over or near the wood burning stove, as it’s too easy for them to fall and catch light.  Make sure no bedding is near, or could be flung near to the stove in sleep (especially if you’ve got children with you).  Never leave the stove unattended, or children in the hut with a lit stove.

The first basket/crate of logs is included (except with the Hoppers Hut, which doesn't have a woodburning stove) then each additional one is £10.  Just pick up an extra crate if you need it from the wood store, as shown on this farm map.  It's an honesty system, please use your card to pay here.


Gas Burners


The burner is the best way get a quick cup of tea. There is a click lighter or matches in the unit underneath.  Give me a call if you run out of gas.

Please don’t smoke in the hut/yurt




Composting Loos


Shepherds Huts have a compost loo in the bathroom.  Gents please only ever sit on it, never use it standing up.  It is a separating toilet which depends on the right stuff going into the right place. If you use it standing up it will contaminate the solids, which would give me a very messy and unpleasant job (no pun intended!).  Use as normal, putting any toilet paper through the hatch which opens when you’re sitting on or pressing down on the seat.  Please don’t put anything down it other than the usual, as even other biodegradable matter upsets the composting process. 


Yurts and the Hoppers Hut have a private compost toilet just behind the yurt.  Use as normal, but please don’t put anything down it other than the usual, as even other biodegradable matter upsets the composting process, and makes it smell!  If there is sawdust, please add a pinch after each use.  Sometimes it is not needed, so if there’s none there, you don’t need to use it.

Toilets and Showers

There are now some brand new wetrooms with toilets and showers, just opposite reception.  To minimise mixing please use one you have been assigned to.  The code is in your welcome email, but message me if you can't find it.  For the brave the shared hot outdoor shower is open in warmer weather too!


WiFi & USB power


There’s wifi near the farm buildings.  Use the network ‘Guest’ with the password 'R3conn3ct!’.  In the Shepherds Huts there is a USB socket to charge your phone in the side of the kitchen cupboard or under the banquet seat.  Please turn it off when you’ve finished as it runs down the battery even if nothing is plugged in.


There is power for charging phones at Base Glamp, where you got your keys.  You can plug in your charger and then lock your phone in the key safe, with the cable in the slot in the base.  Phones and other devices are left at your own risk.




You can keep perishable food cool in the shared fridge at the back of Base Glamp.  Please take any unused food home with you when you leave




You’re welcome to park in the centre car park – which as usual is at your own risk.  




Please put all rubbish in the bins in the bathroom/outside, separating landfill, recycling and glass


Please feel free to hang on to a trolley during your stay, but if you use more than one please return any others to the car park, so everyone has one.  You can use it for collecting crates of wood.  I use Apple Air Tags on them to help me find them, as occasionally they do seem to get left in some unlikely places - if you use an iPhone don't worry if you get a notification that there's a tag nearby!






You can now buy quite a lot of produce grown and made at Bore Place, from the vending machine at the Farm Gate- just by the car park. Organic Milk, Cheese, Honey, Yogurt and Veg the exact choice depends on who's making what, and what's ready to harvest - all literally grown and made in front of your eyes!

Ide Hill Community shop is about two miles north of the Bore Place.  They have an excellent selection of local produce, a little cafe and a lovely view across the reservoir.  It’s a really nice walk if you’ve got time TN14 6JG


There also a good village shop in Chiddingstone Causeway TN11 8JP

Falconhurst Farm Shop is a bit further away, 10 mins drive, but has an excellent range of local meat, veg , cheese, fresh bread and home baked goods.  Plus fresh fish on a Friday.  Open 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on a Saturday. TN8 5NR


Weald Community Shop in Sevenoaks Weald has a good range of fresh local produce, including excellent ice creams, and is a lovely 1-2hr walk away across the fields TN14 6PT.  It is open 9am-12noon everyday except Sunday.


There’s Waitrose’s in Edenbridge, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge TN8 5LN


20mins drive away is the small, but excellent Groombridge Farm Shop, handy if you’re going into Tunbridge Wells TN3 9LY



Pubs & Cafes

Here's the pubs and cafe's nearby we like best:


The Greyhound in Charcott, is a very pleasant mile and half’s walk away.  It does excellent home made food, much of it sourced from their family farm.  They keep a range of craft beers, including Larkins made here in Chiddingstone.  Opens at noon everyday except Monday and Tuesdays .  You can book on 01892870275, TN11 8LG

Our favourite local cafe, Kingdom, also near Penshurst, is open every day from 9am - 3pm, serving food and drinks from a hatch in their amazing oak and glass building, with tables and chairs outside in their lovely wooded grounds.  The menu is here.  No need to book for the cafe.  To contact its or call on 01892 577507, TN11 8DU

The Little Brown Jug in Chiddingstone Causeway is a large, but friendly pub which you can walk to, across the fields.  They also have a marquee in the garden for extra space. Here's a map to help you find your way. Award winning fish and chips! You don't have to book, but it might be wise to do so. 01892 870318, TN11 8JJ.

The Bottle House in Penshurst, a nearby village, does excellent food. You can book , TN11 8ET

If you're visiting Hever Castle it's well worth stopping at the King Henry VIII for a drink or bite to eat, excellent food in a lovely old pub and garden.  A lovely 2hr or so walk through the fields for the adventurous, or 10 mins in the car.  Phone 01732 862457 to book, TN8 7NH.

The Wheatsheaf is a historic old pub with a large garden in Bough Beech.  They even have a large teepee if it rains.   A visit can be combined with a circumnavigation of the reservoir.  .  You can book a table on this number 01732 700 100, and they do allow people to just turn up if there's space. TN8 7NU

Please let us know about any you try you think we should recommend.



You can hire e-bikes, to be delivered to the farm, from Country Hire & Go or +44 (0) 7723 054863. They are £44 for a half day and £74 for 24 hours.


Hever Castle is a beautiful place and has a huge castle adventure playground - 10 mins by car TN8 7NG.  


The pantiles in Tunbridge Wells is a beautiful Georgian colonnade of cafes and shops.  You can park in the nearby Sainsburys, which is next to the Spa Valley Steam Railway.  Also nearby are some big rock formations -  Harrison’s Rocks & Toad Rocks, perfect for scrambling over.  Julliets and Basil are my favourite cafes in the town – 20 mins by car TN2 5QL


Penshurst Place has large, lovely gardens, a grand house, a decent café and an excellent adventure playground.  10 mins by car - TN11 8DG


Chartwell, Churchill’s family home is a fascinating place and has attractive gardens. 15 mins by car - TN16 1PS

Generations of plant collectors and gardeners created the amazing Riverhill Himalayan Gardens near Sevenoaks. 15 mins by car, TN15 0RR

Wild Swimming: There are a few lakes nearby, where you can swim as part of an organised group.  You can swim at Haysden on Friday evenings (5pm – 8pm) or Chipsted on Saturday and Sunday mornings (7am – 8.30am) and evenings (5pm – 8pm).  Both are organised by Tri Swim and need to be booked in advance here  I've also recently discovered the lovely Divers Cove, it's an old sand quarry, with really clear water, and a sandy bottom!  It's about 800m around the perimeter.  There's a sessions every day during the summer, at 5pm and 6pm.  You do have to join, but it's only £2, and then about £10 for each session.


Closer by there are three Field trails around the farm as well as longer walks.  Pick up a leaflet with a map from reception. Pick up a leaflet with a map from reception or download them from the bore place website


I've recently planned a walk to/from Sevenoaks, which you can see here

There is a local taxi based at the next village +44 (0) 7723 054863 who charge £10 to go to Hever Castle, £18 to Tonbridge and £12.50 to Sevenoaks.


Do remember to lock up the hut or yurt when you go out.




Bore Place is an Organic dairy farm and environmental charity.   I rent the land for the shepherds huts and yurts from them, in return for a share of your payment.  So by coming here, you are helping support the work of the charity.  There’s a lot going on, from green woodwork courses to weddings.  Have a look at their website for the latest events 


It is a working farm, so there are some dangers you need to be aware of:


If you have children with you please supervise them at all times.


Heavy farm machinery is used, which doesn’t always give the driver great visibility.  Stay well clear if you hear it!  Please don’t go near the main farm yard buildings, except following the road shown on the plan – where you often get to see the cows if that’s what you’re after!  The House and Old Stables are a conference venue, so please don’t go in here either.


There are many ponds across the site, be careful as some are deep and very muddy.   Be especially careful if you have children.  As well as the danger of drowning, they may also harbour Wiels disease.


Cows are friendly and inquisitive.  They’ll often follow you if you cross a field they are in.  If you’re gentle and quiet, they will be too.  If they are in a field then the fence around that field might be electrified, so please don’t touch the top wires.  The cows are moved to fresh grass every day.  Do make sure to wash your hands if you touch the cows, they naturally carry a range of diseases (zoonoses) that can affect humans.


Some paths and styles are slippery, especially when it’s wet.  Please be extra careful.  It’s very dark at night.  Do take a torch if you think you might be walking after dark.  And if it’s a clear night look up and see if you can see the Milky Way (not whilst walking of course!).


If it’s windy please don’t walk near or under trees in case branches or trees fall.


If you have children with you please supervise them at all times.


One of the joys of the hut is the abundant wildlife.  You may well see deer, heron’s and numerous other birds and animals.   Please help protect them by only playing music quietly, and making sure no rubbish can blow about.  Don’t eat any plants, as some of them may be poisonous.




Checking Out


The standard check-out time is 11am, get in touch if you this doesn’t work well for you and I’ll try to be flexible if I can.  When you leave please lock up, shut the windows and leave the key in the key safe by the front door.  The code for the key safe is on the key fob.


My Contact Details


Any questions or issues please text, call or message me through airbnb.  My number is 07441 427 811 and e-mail is  If there’s no answer leave a message or text and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Coming Back

I list on Hipcamp, Airbnb and my website If you’d like to come again please book through my website, and then you won’t have to pay the Airbnb or Hipcamp fees.



Most importantly have a fantastic time

Pubs and Cafes
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