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Field Notes June 2023

from the Free Range Glamping Field


Everything is growing ------------------------------------------------------------

After the wettest Spring in a long time, the sun is finally out - and hopefully will stay out. Ideally with some rain at night! Whilst this has been great for the meadow, it’s meant we don’t have as many mid-week bookings as normal, so we’re offering a big discount for Monday to Friday stays in June and July (before the summer holidays). If you stay for 4 nights it’s half price, so £180 for Daisy Shepherds Hut and £220 for the yurts or Barbara Shepherds Hut.


Paths through the meadow ------------------------------------------------------------

I don’t know the official verdict on the yellow rattle trial yet, but there’s an abundance of wild flowers in the meadow this year. Appreciated not only by the humans, but the voles and dormice, and increasing number of birds of prey hunting them.


Farm Gate ------------------------------------------------------------

David and John are doing fantastic work on the new ‘Farm Gate’. This new welcome canopy will house info about the farm and a locker vending machine for our produce, as well as hosting more events. Should be open by the summer holidays.


Courses and events at Bore Place ------------------------------------------------------------

More exciting things to do on site at Bore Place have been planned, so do take a look and see what might inspire you - here’s the link to the full list ( .


Seeing a Barn Owl, whilst out on a evening walk, was a real highlight of the year last year. Such a special encounter. I wish us all a sunny, rainy (at night) and flourishing summer, and look forward to welcoming you back to Free Range Glamping at Bore Place



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