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The Hoppers Hut

Select your dates on the calendar below to see availability, check prices and book.  Dark green dates are available start dates.


The Hoppers Hut is inspired by the simple accommodation farmers provided for families of seasonal workers from East London, coming to pick the Hop Harvest, from the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries.  We have an old Oast House at Bore Place, so it's likely we did have Hoppers Huts too.  It's currently under construction, so not many photos yet.  Simple, yet comfortable and of this place.  Built by our own crafts people, David and John, it will be insulated and clad in planks of locally grown and cut waney edge larch.  We're testing a solar panel system, so it will have electricity for an infra red heater in the Spring and Autumn to keep you nice and snug.  Inside will be a double bed and a bench with a sink, for preparing and eating food.  Outside they'll be a fire pit with chairs around it.  There's a compost toilet behind and the shared flush toilets and showers at the farm about 300m away.  In the summer months you can use the outdoor shower too.

To keep the cost affordable, the Hoppers Hut, like it's forebears, is self-service.  Please bring a Kingsize double undersheet, duvet cover and 4 pillow cases.  Unlike the original Hoppers Hut, pillows and a duvet are provided.  If you forget, don't worry you can rent a set when you arrive.  At the end of your stay, please wipe the bench sweep the floor, empty the bins, and generally make it ready for the next guests.  This means we can allow much more flexibility in the length of stays, later checkout, and earlier check-ins (noon for both).

As it’s such beautiful place people are keen to get married in the main farmhouse about 300m away, here's the upcoming wedding dates.

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