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The Milking Parlour

Twice a day you can watch the cows being milked.  The old milking parlour has been converted into a viewing gallery for the new parlour.  It's near the carpark, just follow the signs from Farm Gate.

Milking Parlour Map.jpg

There's a big window at the end of the old parlour, where you can see the cows going out of the new one. Did you know they come enter in the same order every day.


You can go upstairs to the observation lounge to look down on the cows being milked


Here you can also find out which species we particularly look out for to see if we're improving biodiversity here at Bore Place


Then use what you've learnt to have a go with Daisy - can't promise any milk though!


Milking is usually very early in the morning, and then again soon after lunch.  Check the notice board in Farm Gate for details, as it varies depending on the time of year.  Here you can also buy fresh milk from the farm.

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